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5 Sock Styles to Wear with Doc Martens

Socks To Wear With Doc Martens

Doc Martens boots are famous for how tough they are and their timeless look. However, if you’re going to wear these boots, it’s important to be sure that your socks aren’t detracting from the overall look of the boots while still keeping your feet comfortable and free from slippage.

Best Socks to Wear With Doc Martens

Since the term style can have many different meanings, here are five specific type of socks that are perfect to wear with Doc Martens boots. Your not short of options these days with hiking socks, woolly socks, novelty socks and now even bamboo socks to choose from.

Fox River Men’s Fatigue Fighter Over-The-Calf Socks

These socks by Fox River are made from an extra-cozy blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex. Fox River knows a thing or two about comfort; they make socks specifically for wearing with boots.

The benefit here is that you get durability while avoiding blisters and hot spots, which can be a problem with other types of socks when wearing your boots for long periods of time. They’re also all black in colour which makes them perfect to pair with a set of all black Doc Martens.

Picture of Yellow Doc martens With Laces Up
Picture of Yellow Doc martens With Laces Up

Smartwool Hike Crew

This brand of sock is made from Merino wool, which helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. The sizing can be tricky at first, but once you figure out what size fits you well, this pair of socks will last for years.

Merino wool doesn’t cause as much odour build-up as other types of socks do either. Additionally, these Smartwool socks are excellent for wearing with boots because they help wick away moisture and don’t get stinky after extended use.

The Hike Crew is ideal for wearing with Doc Martens when you have a more colourful outfit and will keep your feet warm when you just need a little bit of extra warmth around your ankles or toes. These socks are neither too thick nor too thin so they won’t cause blisters or rub against your boots awkwardly during long treks. Blister protection is a big deal when you give your feet time in a pair of docs.

Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

This pair of socks are made of a cotton blend and come in up to 18 different colours. They’re ribbed, they have a cushioned sole, and they have Dickies’ patented Dri-Tech moisture control system, which is great for keeping sweat at bay.

They fit snugly, but not too tight, so there’s still room for your feet to breathe. Doc Martens have large grooves on their soles that some socks slide around in, leading to slippage. Doc Martens’ unique design means they can only work well with certain types of socks.

These Dickie’s socks have the perfect balance of being ribbed enough to keep you from slipping inside your boots and having enough moisture control to prevent your feet from getting sweaty when wearing your Doc Martens for long periods of time.

Darn Tough Men’s Hiker Merino Wool Boot Socks

In order to find socks that are warm, comfortable, and durable enough for a weekend of stomping around in your Doc Martens, you might think it’s necessary to invest in a costly pair. But these Darn Tough Socks are comfortable and well worth the price for any adventure that involves boots.

With reinforced heels and toes for added durability and merino wool that dries quickly and regulates body temperature regardless of weather conditions, these socks will keep your feet dry while preventing you from slipping inside your boots. Don’t be afraid of snow or rain because these moisture-wicking socks are made with performance in mind, so they can withstand almost anything you throw at them.

Carhartt Men’s Force Performance Work Socks

These socks are designed for comfort and durability. The reinforced foot and heel ensure that they won’t wear out quickly, while also providing protection where you need it most.

Plus, they keep your feet warm and dry. You’ll never have to worry about blisters or sweating again because these socks will absorb moisture instantly and keep it away from your skin.

The triple ribbed toes help keep your feet grounded inside your boots. These socks utilize a patented technology that neutralizes odour to keep your feet smelling fresh at all times.


Choosing which pairs of socks to wear with Doc Martens is going to be a matter of finding that perfect mix of style, comfort, and texture to keep your feet from slipping inside the boots. With the different variations and colours available from the 5 brands we listed here, we’re sure this guide will give you a head start on finding the perfect socks that work for you.

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