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Kids Scooter Buying Guide 2022 featured Image

Are you looking for the best scooter for your kids? With thousands of scooter design choices online and in local stores, choosing the perfect one can be difficult and time-consuming. In this article, we’ll guide you in how to find one that fits your budget, is safe for your little one, modernised and can offer maximum fun, all at the same time. It’s like choosing a pair of socks! You need to choose the one that you feel comfortable in and the one that represents you.

The scooter that suit kids are Micro scooters, Razors, JD bug, Blunt and Madd Gear Pro. But they all have different features, characteristics, and they also differ in price. So, for you to end up with the right scooter for your child, it helps to know the different factors you should consider before buying.

How to Choose the Right Scooter?

These are the factors you have to consider when purchasing a scooter for your young rider:

Five Elements to Consider in Choosing the Right Scooter:

  • Age

If you’re not sure if you’re kids are ready for full size scooters, you can buy one which is designed for their specific age. We stock a range of scooters that suit ages from 2 to 80 years old. 

  • Budget

The right scooter doesn’t have to be expensive; however, checking out the reviews before spending your money can help you in ensuring you don’t buy twice. If you’re working on a budget, a mid-range two-wheel scooter can do if you’re child is going to use it for fun on a sunny day. But if you’re thinking of giving your child a high-spec stunt scooter, you need to invest in a model packed with unique features and enhanced parts which can improve performance and durability.

  • Skill level

If your kids haven’t mastered balancing yet, then maybe they are not ready for two wheels. Three-wheeled scooters are available in a range of designs so you can pick it for your young rider until they get more confident. Lightweight stunt scooters may better suit teen riders who are starting to execute daring and complicated stunts, and tricks than a sturdy two-wheeler. So you may want to ask their opinion in finding the right scooter for them.

  • Colour Scheme and designs

Every scooter shows off a different colour scheme and offers the freedom to style various parts on the higher end scooters, the way you and your little one wants. Younger kids may find characters from their favourite movie or TV show exciting while older children may want to choose their favourite colour or customise the design to make it more unique.

  • Child’s Weight

Every scooter has a maximum rider weight which is usually indicated on the packaging or documentation. Going above the limit doesn’t just affect the performance but also potentially cause damage to its deck, axles or handlebars. So before buying, check your child’s weight and check if it’s within the weight limit to ensure that they aren’t too heavy. As kids grow up fast, it may be better if you choose the next size up if they’re already close to the maximum weight or handlebar height limit, but always seek specific advice if you do because you may end up compromising safety.

  • Features


Brakes can be vital to ensure your child’s safety in times of emergency. Simple scooters don’t have a braking system, while others have either hand brakes with an easy-to-initiate brake that can give your little rider an easy time if they are on slopes or doing tricks but make sure that they understand how brakes work before letting them ride. 


If you want to carry your child’s scooter everywhere, getting a foldable one will make things easy as it won’t take up much space in your car or storage space and is easier to tuck under your arm.


There are two types of steering system – the T-bar and lean-to-steer mechanism. The T-bar steering is more common on beginners then they graduate to a lean-to-steer which enables the rider to use their body weight to balance and take a turn with the scooter. 

Adjustable handlebars 

A scooter with an adjustable handlebar is advantageous, especially if children of different ages and heights will use it or if your child is growing fast. Just ensure the handle is easy-to-grip to make your kids feel comfortable.

Weight and Weight Capacity

A lightweight scooter is easy to carry in and out and manoeuvre so your child won’t have a hard time transporting and operating it. And don’t forget to check its weight capacity to ensure it supports your little one’s weight. 


Picking a scooter with a durable and robust frame will last several years and can save you both on the maintenance and replacement costs. Also getting one with a good warranty can keep a few worries away if you have any quality doubts. 

Common Scooter Types Suitable for Kids:

There are different types of scooter that you should be aware of before buying. Let’s start with the cheapest and easiest option.

A kick scooter is a street vehicle with a handlebar, deck and wheels controlled and powered by a rider through pushing off the ground. Today, they are commonly made of aluminium, titanium, and steel. It is much cheaper and fun to ride on, but they are not street legal in some places in the UK.


A kick scooter has regular wheels and deck where you will be standing. It’s a pretty standard item, and it does not come with safety gears like an electric scooter or mope, but you can improvise it and add accessories.


There’s no limit so you can go as far as your kicking foot can.


A kick scooter costs anything from £5 – £500

This is gaining popularity, thanks to city commuters who use them to and from the nearest train station. Over the years, it has evolved to fit the needs of the ever-changing world. Choosing the best electric scooter is not easy because it is a subjective matter, and it depends upon the want and needs of the rider. Electric scooters are also good for the environment.


Some electric scooters are foldable and portable; thus, you can carry it when needed. Some have speakers, while others have baskets. Some models come with a charging port and electric speedometers while others have terrain tires. Some scooters have ergonomic seats while others are just standing. However, if this is for your child to get back and for school, you probably don’t need anything too fancy.


Depending on the type and features, an electric scooter can travel 10 miles to 35 miles per charge, so consider the maximum distance you have to drive in determining the best one for your child.


An electric scooter’s cost ranges from £299 to £1500.

Best Scooters for Your Kids

These are the best scooters based on the type that may suit your child:

Micro Scooters – The scooter for all age

It is a durable scooter designed for a school run, and it is foldable for easy carrying and storage. It’s a great option if your child grows fast because you can adjust it anytime. 

Razor – The performance-wise

A Razor is a high-performance scooter designed for speed and handling. It’s a good buy if your child wants to keep up with the pace. There are Razor models that are built for an urban area, and others are electric scooters.

JD Bug – The stunt beast

JD Bug is famous for their stunt scooters with lightweight frames, flexible handlebars and a compact, foldable design for easy carrying and storage. Their models are highly customisable too with additional coloured scooter handlebar grips and wheels adding some style.

Madd Gear Pro / Blunt – The premium choice

Madd Gear Pro (MGP) and Blunt are mid to high-end stunt scooters that feature premium parts and materials. You can customise the wheels, decks, handlebars and stunt pegs base on your child’s preference. They’re a bit more expensive, but kids serious about scooters will find what they are looking for here. We have a range of Blunt and MGP scooters with different structures and designs. Feel free to explore them here.

Essential Scooter Parts and Accessories

Customising your child’s scooter can add loads of extra fun and excitement to your little riders. However, riding on public paths, pavements or at the skate park may pose a risk to your child. So, you need to give your child protective gear to keep them safe while enjoying this great sport. The following are the must-haves in order to protect your little rider from falls and bumps and make others aware of their presence. 

  • Scooter helmets 

A helmet is an essential scooter accessory as they’ll protect your little rider from head injuries if they fall or collide with hard objects. Helmets may be uninteresting and hassle-to-wear for kids but getting pretty cool helmets with quirky designs, colour and shape might help to persuade them. It’s always a must to wear protective gear like helmet regardless of the age of the rider.

  • Scooter safety pads

Good quality knee pads, elbow pads and wrist protectors can protect you against cut and bruises from scrapes and bumps which are all part of riding a scooter. Give your little one protective gloves too to keep their skin covered and safe.

  • Lights

You can attach lights to the handlebars, back brake, deck or even at the helmet to ensure that the people can see your child, especially during long winter nights.

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