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Fox Socks – Women’s Animal Novelty Sock


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Foxes, much like these socks, are captivating with their luxurious coats, pretty muzzles and playful personalities. Show off these playful Vixens. – This nocturnal creature is on the top of many people’s favourite animals list. – Foxes are one of UK’s favourite national treasures and for good reason. – Their stunning countenance has been earmarked by artists and craftsmen alike as a symbol of nature’s craftsmanship.
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Fox Socks With Ears

Fox Socks are the perfect novelty gift for anyone looking to add a little fun and excitement to their life. They’re cute, they’re soft and they’re fun! Perfect gift idea for any animal lover or sock collector.

These socks have animal ‘ears’ that look like fox ears, but with the body of a regular sock. These are high quality socks

They come in pairs, one for each foot so there is no sharing required.

Fox Gift UK – Novelty Idea For Fox Lovers

They’re so cute! Your socks will keep your feet warm and make your friends and families laugh when they see them. These fox socks would be a wonderful gift for that special woman in your life.

Foxes are widely known for their visual prowess. They’re able to continue using complex techniques such as camouflage to not only survive but to thrive.

They have had some really great achievements through out history from appearing in literature, mythology and even around the world so it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice for pictures, decorations and even tattoos.

So get them for you, for mum, a special vixen out there or just anyone who likes comfy, soft socks.

Fox fun facts and interesting questions about UK foxes

– Foxes are extremely playful

– Foxes are more like cats than dogs

Are foxes smart?

What makes a fox smart? It is the ability to quickly capitalize on an opportunity and make the most of it. Smartness is an inherent trait in all animals. Just like humans, animals have the innate ability to think, plan, and problem solve. However, foxes are one of the smartest mammals that you can find. Since they are considered as an animal with a large brain, they are called as canids. Foxes are believed to have a level of intelligence comparable to that of cats and dogs, and they can easily make use of their senses. They have strong memory and observation skills, and they are not afraid to use their wits to survive.

Why are foxes so cute?

The appeal of foxes is not hard to understand. They are small and furry, with large ears and enormous eyes. Their characteristics are similar to dogs, but they are smaller, cuter and less demanding. Foxes are playful and have a childlike appeal, but they are also cunning and mischievous, which gives them a realistic edge over many other animals used in cartoons and other media. They have been used in various ways in folklore and literature over the years, often being portrayed as a trickster or an evil figure.

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