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Chihuahua Socks – Women’s Animal Novelty Sock


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For the Chihuahua lover in your life, this is the best gift for them! This unique and adorable design of the chihuahua socks is a must-have for any dog lover. They’re made of soft, breathable, lightweight fabric that will keep your feet comfortable all day long. 
  • High Quality – 80% Cotton –  premium, soft, comfy fabric made from 80% cotton and 15% polyester. 
  •  Variety of Sizes –  Available in Women Sizes 4-7 
  •  Ideal for Gifting – Perfect for novelty gifting to friends and family. 
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Chihuahua Socks

The flexible design makes these chihuahua socks easy to put on and take off, and the cute little faces will have you reaching for them time after time. They can be worn as often as you want because they’re machine washable. Furthermore, the chihuahua socks have a fashionable print that will leave everyone with an impression once you put it on yourself! The best part about wearing our own personal style is that there’s always something for every occasion!


Why Chihuahua Socks?

Chihuahua’s are one of the most loyal dogs around, they often jealously guard their owners against other people and dogs. We all know someone in our lives who are crazy about their Chihuahua’s, they love everything about their Chihuahua and have everything Chihuahua’ related .There’s an unbreakable bond between a chihuahua and their owner so they often end up buying chihuahua gifts, so why not buy some chihuahua socks for that person? 


Why Choose Us At I Sock?

I Sock is a premium sock company that sells high quality socks and provides the best customer service and fast shipping rates to ensure customer satisfaction. Satisfaction guaranteed! We provide a wide range of socks for every need with the best service. Socks are worn millions of times daily. So why not get the best pair that represent you?


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