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How To Fold Socks: 5 Proven Methods


You might think that socks are the easiest pieces of clothing to fold par excellence, but did you know that there actually are numerous ways to do so? Well, this post will focus on explaining the most prominent ways to fold socks, so don’t hesitate to try these five methods out!

How To Fold Socks To Save Space

Method 1: Folding Your Socks Into Each other

First and foremost, the most straightforward and military way to fold socks is to just fold them into each other. If you want to follow this extremely simple method, you just have to initially put your socks down and lie them directly on top of each other. Then, you take the upper sock and fold both socks inwards until you get a little sock ball. This might not look as classy, but it’s fast, and it does the trick

Method 2: Folding Your Socks Vertically

Furthermore, another way of folding your socks would be to fold them vertically. To make this less abstract, folding a pair of socks vertically entails you starting by laying them down, right on top of each other. Then, you need to fold them once lengthwise. Now, you just need to fold them once more, and you’re good to go. The advantage of this folding method is that you can put your socks upright in your sock drawer, which will save you a lot of storage space. Additionally, you’ll immediately notice your whole assortment of socks when you open your drawer so that’s an added bonus as well.

Method 3: Folding Them Into a Square

Up next, this third method of folding socks is a little more sophisticated and entails that you are going to fold your socks into a square. To do so, you don’t need to start with laying both socks directly on top of each other, unlike what was the case with the former two examples. Instead, you will start by laying the socks perpendicular to each other. The socks are in the right position when they cross each other in the middle, and they form some type of cross. Once they’re in the right position, you have to fold each sock one time, starting from the bottom. Now, you will have folded them into a nice little square! The biggest advantage of this method is that it works great with both short and long socks, which can’t be said about every sock folding method out there.

Method 4: Folding Them Into a Package

This fourth method is actually a more complicated variant of the former and basically adds an extra level to it. More concretely, in order to fold your socks into packages, you start similarly to the former method. Hence, you should start by laying both socks on top of each other in such a way that they’re crosswise and perpendicular to each other. This is the point where the similarity with the former method stops.

That is to say, now you should fold the foot of the bottom sock across the upper sock. Then, you take the tip of the bottom sock and put it under the upper sock so that it lies between both socks. Then, you take the topside of this same bottom sock and fold it over the rest without tucking the edge in. Finally, you should fold the feet of the upper sock inward, and then, you do the same with the topside of this sock. Now, you can just turn over this little package of socks that you’ve made and tuck in both top sides as well. This might all sound very complicated, but once you’ve succeeded in this method, you’ll find that it’s really well-organized.

Dresser drawer full of folded women's socks
Dresser drawer full of women’s socks folded neatly

Method 5: Clean Final Method

Lastly, this final method is also slightly more advanced and might take some practice, but it’s worth it! To start with this method, both socks have to fully lie on top of each other. Then, you take both the feet and the topsides of both socks and fold them inward towards each other. However, at this point, the feet and topsides can’t overlap. Now, you carefully tuck the tips of the socks into the elastic of the topsides and voil√†, you will have mastered this final method. Just like the former method, this clean method has the big advantage of being remarkably organized.

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