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How To Get White Socks White Again

How To Get White Socks White Again

White socks can be a problem and challenging to maintain if you wear them frequently. They get dirty and dingy and sometimes lose their original colour, emerging from laundry not as clean as they were when you bought them. Even though it is impossible to prevent your white socks from getting stained and dirty, it is usually recommended that you don’t wear your socks for more than one day. Soaking your dirty socks in water and washing them regularly with laundry detergent is one of the most applicable ways to regain your sock’s white colour by removing the stains. However, this method works best when the socks have less dirt. There are many methods that you can also apply in ensuring that your socks regain their white colour.

6 infallible tricks to use how to clean white socks.

Trusty Boiling In Water

One method which has been tried and trusted is boiling your white socks in water. This is the most frequently used method as it is cheaper and easier. You only need to fill a large pan with boiling hot water, add a cup of lemon juice and then soak your white socks. Allow your water to boil and simmer for about 15-20 minutes, then remove your socks from the boiled water. Wring them and transfer them into the washing machine, then wash them normally. This method works best on gentler socks and lukewarm water. Always ensure that you don’t mix your white socks with other clothes of different colours when boiling and even during the normal washing.

Simply Lemon Juice

The use of lemon juice is another method that is also applicable due to its stain removal powers as well as cropping uptime. Lemon juice produces an acid that is antibacterial, antiseptic, and can also act as bleach. This feature makes lemon juice a perfect substance for removing stains and bleaching. You will just have to soak your white pair of socks in a bowl of water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice for about three hours. You can then finally pop your socks in a normal machine and wash them normally after undergoing the citric soak.

Clean white socks and t-shirts hanging on clothesline
Clean white socks and t-shirts hanging on clothesline

The Laundry Soap Method

There is also the use of laundry soap, which is also another method that helps in the removal of stains from socks. This method works best when you first sock your socks into boiled water and squeeze lemon juice. Then you will have to transfer them and tie them in a plastic bag, then leave them to soak the whole night. Remove them out the next day and wash them normally. This process makes them come out as white as snow. This method ensures your socks regain your original colour perfectly and removes almost 90% of stains from them. Unlike the other methods, it is recommended never to mix your white socks with other clothes or socks with different colours.

Vinegar to have white socks

Another method is using vinegar; this method is almost similar to the use of lemon juice. This is because white vinegar has an acidity called acetic acid that can remove many kinds of stains in clothes. You just have to soak your socks in about one litre of boiled water and add one cup of white vinegar, then leave them to soak the whole night. On the next day, your socks will appear perkier, so you will have to put them in a normal spin cycle spin to remove the vinegar odour. Then you can remove your socks and put them into your machine for a normal wash.

Baking soda to put them back white

You can also use baking soda to whiten your socks. This method works by adding a good amount of baking soda into a bowl filled with warm water, then placing your socks to soak for a few hours. Wring out the socks then put them into your machine for a normal wash. You will have to add another cup of baking soda with your normal detergent and a cup of vinegar for softening. Wash the socks normally and then dry them to experience their whiteness colour regained.

These are some of the best methods I have prepared for you in this article to help you regain the white colour of your socks and free them from any kind of stains. Of course, nothing lasts forever, if you have exhausted all these methods and still your socks do not regain their original colour, it might just be best to admit defeat, dispose of them and purchase another pair.

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